Duration: 1 Day (To Be Scheduled)

Target Audience:

  • SharePoint Site Owners
  • IT Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Team Leaders


  • SharePoint Online user experience
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office 365 suite

Course Objective:

Equip SharePoint site owners with advanced skills in site management, including efficient content organization, integration with Office 365, and effective permission handling to optimize team collaboration and data security.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain practical, hands-on experience in advanced SharePoint Online features, enabling them to efficiently manage content, integrate with Office 365 applications, and effectively handle permissions and security.

Course Materials:

  • Step-by-step Lab Exercise Manual
  • Access to SharePoint Online and Office 365 for Hands-On Labs

Course Outline:

Module 1: Advanced Navigation and Site Structure (1.5 Hours)

  • Topics:
    • Deep dive into SharePoint Online features
      • MS Teams vs. SharePoint
    • Advanced navigation techniques
    • Site hierarchy and structure optimization
  • Lab Exercise: Enhancing Site Navigation and Structure
    1. Optimize the site’s navigation menu and layout.
    2. Explore and set up a logical site hierarchy.
    3. Utilize templates to structure site content efficiently.
    4. Create and edit a new site page.

Module 2: Mastering Document Libraries (1 Hours)

  • Topics:
    • Advanced document management techniques
    • Utilizing metadata and views
    • Document versioning and approval workflows
  • Lab Exercise: Advanced Document Library Management
    1. Implement metadata categorization.
    2. Customize library views.
    3. Setup document versioning and approval workflows.

Module 3: Advanced List Management (1 Hour)

  • Topics:
    • Complex list creation and management
    • Utilizing list templates
    • Integration of lists with Office 365 apps
  • Lab Exercise: Enhancing List Utility and Integration
    1. Create complex lists utilizing templates.
    2. Manage list data and views.
    3. Integrate lists with Office 365 applications for enhanced data manipulation.

Module 4: Permissions and Security Management (30 Minutes)

  • Topics:
    • Understanding SharePoint Online permission levels
    • Group permissions and security settings
    • Managing external sharing and access control
  • Lab Exercise: Managing Site Permissions
    1. Explore and set different permission levels.
    2. Configure group permissions and security settings.
    3. Manage external sharing options and access controls.

Module 5: Integrating SharePoint with Office 365 (30 Minutes)

  • Topics:
    • SharePoint and Teams integration
    • Utilizing SharePoint with OneDrive
    • Office 365 groups and SharePoint Online
  • Lab Exercise: Leveraging Office 365 Integration
    1. Integrate SharePoint with Teams for enhanced collaboration.
    2. Utilize SharePoint and OneDrive integration for efficient document management.
    3. Explore the dynamics of Office 365 groups within SharePoint Online.

Module 6: Comprehensive Site Owner Project (Optional)

  • Topics:
    • Applying the acquired skills in a practical scenario
    • Addressing common challenges faced by site owners
  • Lab Exercise: Real-World Application
    1. Implement advanced navigation, content management, and Office 365 integration in a mock scenario.
    2. Configure user permissions effectively ensuring data security and accessibility.

Module 7: Review, Q&A, and Evaluation (30 Minutes)

  • Topics:
    • Recap of key learning points
    • Q/A
    • Course evaluation and feedback


This course can be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of any organization, ensuring a focused, practical learning experience for all participants.