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This class is a instructor-led hybrid event.

Course Overview

The goal of this instructor-led training course is to provide students with the deeper dive focusing on a few of the advanced topics of the Nintex Workflows. The learning experience will be a combination of instructor presentations and hands-on lab exercises. A basic understanding of SharePoint and Nintex Workflows is required


This Nintex training course teaches the out-of-the-box functionality and is not intended for those who are primarily interested in using Visual Studio and .NET development to create workflow solutions in SharePoint.

The content of the course covers the following topics:

  • Workflow fundamentals and Introducing Nintex Designer and creating rich workflow designs

Course Outline:

Interacting with SQL

  • Making a connection with SQL
  • Working with Collection Variables
  • Using the For Each workflow action
  • Updating SharePoint list items from SQL
  • Updating SQL items from SharePoint

      Exercise – Creating a workflow with SQL Connections

Interacting with lists and libraries

  • Query list items
  • Working with Site Workflows
  • Scheduling Workflows

      Exercise – Scheduling to update SharePoint list items

Working with Exchange and Calendars

  • Create an appointment in an Exchange mailbox / calendar
  • Sending a reminder/appointment in an email

      Exercise – Scheduling items for a user

User Profiles and Active Directory

  • Query User Profile to update a SharePoint list item
  • Query LDAP to update a SharePoint list item
  • Update Active Directory
  • Update User Profiles

      Exercise – Reading and updating AD and User Profiles

      Putting it all Together