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This class is a instructor-led online event.

Course Overview

The goal of this instructor-led training course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills of a few of the advanced topics of the Nintex Workflows. The learning experience will be a combination of instructor presentations and hands-on lab exercises. A basic understanding of SharePoint and Nintex Workflows is required.


This Nintex training course teaches the out-of-the-box functionality and is not intended for those who are primarily interested in using Visual Studio and .NET development to create workflow solutions in SharePoint.

Course Outline:

Interacting with SQL

  • Making a connection with SQL
  • Working with Collection Variables
  • Using the For Each workflow action
  • Updating SharePoint list items from SQL
  • Updating SQL items from SharePoint

      Exercise – Creating a workflow with SQL Connections

Interacting with lists and libraries

  • Query list items
  • Working with Site Workflows
  • Scheduling Workflows

      Exercise – Scheduling to update SharePoint list items

Working with Exchange and Calendars

  • Create an appointment in an Exchange mailbox / calendar
  • Sending a reminder/appointment in an email

      Exercise – Scheduling items for a user

User Profiles and Active Directory

  • • Query User Profile to update a SharePoint list item
    • Create O365 New User
    • Create Azure AD New User

      Exercise – Reading AD and User Profiles

      Putting it all Together